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+1 Raids

What does +1 mean?
+1 means that everyone in the raid starts with an imaginary "+1 Token" which they can use on any piece of gear, if you +1 a piece of gear only others who +1 will be able to roll again.

The raid leader will check if anyone wants to +1 an item, you must put +1 in the chat if you want to use your +1 before the timer hits END. If you put +1 after END you will not be available to +1 that piece of gear.

If you try to snipe the +1 in the last 2 seconds of the roll, +1 will countdown will restart at 3 seconds. On big pieces of loot, +1 will last 10 seconds.

Once you have used your +1, you will not be able to +1 any other item. There are NO +1 resets in the Trivial MC OR BWL,

Dates/Times and more info

Raid dates for;

BWL - Saturday @ 4:30ST, be in raid @ 4:15

MC - Saturday @ 7:30ST, be in raid @ 7:15

Required consumes to bring to raids will be shown in the discord for each individual raid.

Loot rules will be enforced for certain items so they go to the right class/spec. Example Choker of the Fire Lord is a caster DPS item and not every weapon is a hunter weapon.....

For more info on items look in the discord channel.

How To Sign Up

1. Go to Trivial's Discord

2. find either Hosted - BWL or Hosted MC chat channel.

3. Once there fill out an application and post in the desired chat channel raid you want to attend, you'll be notified if approved.

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4. Go to the bot RAID-HELPER

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5. Click on the emoji of what class you want to come as 

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6. Success you have signed up!! Your name should update within the bot on the discord.

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7. The day before the raid the raid leader will send out a roster of the raid (Shown below). Those below the black line are on the bench. Example Fid and Keo are on the bench, If someone doesn't show or pulls out you'll be moved off the bench into the raid.