Guild Rules

General Rules
  • Rule 1

Don't be a dick. Classic is about community so have patience and be respectful when interacting with others in PUGs or whilst leveling and make as many friends as you can along the way.

  • Rule 2

Keep debates in guild chat civil. I'm not going to ban debating in guild chat but if you plan to, keep it civil. We're all friends here and having different opinions is fine.

  • Rule 3

Respect the leadership. If you do not like the way things are run message us and we will hear you out but the systems we have in place are to help the guild achieve our goals.

Raider Rules
  • Rule 4

Be ready on time. Invites go out 30 minutes before raid, world buffs and attendance will be 15 minutes before set raid time.

  • Rule 5

Come Prepared - Don't leave your consumes in the bank, have gear fully repaired and items enchanted.

  • Rule 6

Bring a positive attitude. :)

  • Rule 7

Keep coms clear if a leader is trying to talk.

  • Rule 8

Know fights ahead of raid. You will not be penalised if you do not know mechanics and you ask for help before the raid but if we are in raid and you don't know what to do, you will be. The guild offers plenty of resources to help prepare for each boss, see the boss strategy channels.

  • Rule 9

Respect the Loot List - The loot list is designed to distribute loot fairly and efficiently without bias. Sometimes you may be forced to pass to the next person in line but only in rare circumstances.

  • Rule 10

Player Suggestions - We’re not expecting everyone to be experts at vanilla, if you think you can help someone with your expertise please do so in a way that is not demeaning, we will not let new players feel like outcasts in our community