Trivial Loot System


While being inspired by Onslaught, the loot system has been built for Trivial completely by Bigchase. 
If you would like a copy of the spreadsheets or help setting it up for your own guild please join our discord and PM Bigchase directly.



The purpose of this loot system is to speed up the loot distribution time, increase raid tempo, set expectation and remove all loot related drama.

What is 'Loot List'?

Loot list allows raiders to choose which pieces of gear are most important to them using a ranking system. All loot and character information is tracked and updated daily on a publicly available spreadsheet.


All raiding characters may assign a value to each item from a raid instance. This process is completed once when joining TRIVIAL. See the PowerPoint below for assigning values. These values may not be altered once set and are only effected by attendance modifiers after that point.


When an item drops, the master looter references the spreadsheet to see which character has the highest value on an item. If that character is present, they will be asked if they want the item and they will receive it if they acknowledge that they wish to receive it. If they do not or that character is not present, this process is repeated for the next character in line.

Any item with no value listed is up for free rolls. Highest number wins.

We have made an easy PowerPoint to follow to ensure that you set up your own loot list before raiding with us (no Loot List no Raid).

Click here to download the PowerPoint (If you have any issue downloading the PowerPoint please contact Big_Chase or Royal in Discord).


Preview of Loot List

List your item in the ranking you want


Preview of ranking of each item and who is next in line


Updated loot ranking for website.JPG