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GOY High Warlord & TF

5th of August 2020

Congratulation to Goy on reaching rank 14 and getting his TF

goy TF.jpg
TP & SnowLake
(Rank 14)

22nd of July 2020

. Congratulations to TP & SnowLake for achieving rank 14.

(Rank 14)

15th of June 2020

GUILD SECOND HIGH WARLORD. Congratulations to Compz for achieving rank 14.
With his already insane DPS this will definitely make him top the meters!!!

Compz R14.png

29th of April 2020

Congratulations to BigChase for finally getting getting his Thunder Fury!!!


(rank 14)

15th of April 2020

GUILD FIRST HIGH WARLORD. Congratulations to Executie for achieving rank 14.

What an insane accomplishment, most of us can't even fathom the time it takes in order to reach r14 it's certainly something you only ever get to do once in your life. Enjoy those new 1 handers and topping the meters until Naxx.

executie with trivial (2).jpg

9th of April 2020

Congratulations to Tp on getting his Thunderfury.

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Blackwing Lair Cleared!

15th of February 2020

first BWL (2).jpg

Blackwing Lair down on day one! Had a few hiccups on the way with suppression room pulling from above and wiping a few times on Firemaw but smooth sailing after Firemaw.
Thanks for everyone coming and putting a lot of effort into getting world buffs/consumes and having good banter over discord during the run.

Hand of Ragnaros!!

6th of February 2020


Congratulations to Neverloyal on finishing his Hand of Ragnaros and Bigchase finishing his awhile back!!

Website Update & Much More

29th of January 2020

Sorry for the low effort to the website for the past couple of months but will now be putting more effort into it with the new year!!

With Blackwing Lair around the corner we have changed up a few things. 


  • Going to one core team that will be running with LootList system, this will help us stay competitive in ranking on PvE content.

  • We will also be running a second raid group with alts, raiders, trials and pugs to fill in the gaps if needed. This raid will be run with the +1/MS/OS loot system.

More Info to come on Discord.


  • With AV getting a nerf, Snagz will be constantly running WSG premades, keep a look out in the PvP channel in Discord. 

Fastest Onyxia Kill Oceanic 
Two Raid Groups

1st of October 2019

On September the 25th Trivial took down Onyxia and succeed the fastest kill in oceanic, with a time of 2:50!!! 

ony pic.png
fastest ony kill sep 25.png

Congratulations to our lads Lemonlet and Snagz for being in the highest dps on the boss in oceanic as well with lemonlet being #1!! (think that Bonereaver's Edge is doing well for him xD)

lemonlet top dps for ony sep 25.png
Two Raid Groups

Two raids were a go on Sunday the 29th of September for a double kill on Onyxia, well done Trivial!!

With this we will be running two Molten Core groups.
These groups will be named;

BigChase Raid 
Ari Raid

Both still being hardcore and using the loot system.

Bigchase will continue leading like normal with Snagz.

While Ari our previous GM on private servers will be leading his raid group with the help of Helpie.

Best of luck to both raid groups!!


Another Successful  Raiding Week for Trivial

22th September 2019

Another Successful night of clearing for Trivial with MC and Onyxia's Lair done in the one night!!

Congratulations to Lemonzor for winning Bonereaver's Edge of Ragnaros, this will definitely help him on his way to Rank 14 when phase 2 kicks in!
Although he just won the roll against our other warrior going for rank 14
here is a clip of what went down.

trivial news another full clear.png
Trivial First
Molten Core Clear

16th September 2019

On the 16th of September Trivial has cleared Molten Core!!!
We also did a combined run with the guild Grimm Fortune to take down Onyxia! 
Congratulation to Graky for winning Onyxia's Head!

Thanks Grimm Fortune for Joining us for Onyxia's Lair


final rag (2).jpg
Trivial Champions

12th September 2019

I want to congratulate our new champions! Zuggy, Lemonzor, Graky and Helpie. The Champion role in Discord is reserved for those who have achieved the very highest level and in this case includes being the top 4 level 60s in the guild.
One more thing I want to mention about these new champions is how much work they have put in to helping the guild. Each of our champions has dedicated many hours of their time to running dungeons for guildies and are already almost full pre-raid BIS, have farmed Hydraxian Waterlord rep for douses for our Rag kill on Sunday and Lemon, Graky and Zuggy already own epic mounts! Thank you for your effort guys and I hope you enjoy your new rank.

Bigchase is also a
champion, doing great work for the guild but he cant bolster himself so i will !!!             <3

 Trivial First Level 60 Zuggy

3rd September 2019

Congratulations to Zuggy for being Trivial's first level 60!! Doing it in 6 days and 2 hours, a bit slower than he intended as he helped out low level friends on the way. Zuggy finished server 16th to level 60.

Zuggy 60.jpg
Welcome to Trivial Website

24th August 2019

HELLO! this will be a space were you can keep up to date with news and media related to Trivial. With announcements and achievements for the guild or players that are in Trivial.

For example: 
First person in Trivial to get level 60 will get their hall of fame on the Trivial News section!